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You can almost always find us at our meeting point in Vík. If we happen to be having fun in nearby canyons, just email or phone us.

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General Questions

We often receive inquiries about our ziplines, particularly what to wear for the occasion. Please keep in mind that you will be travelling to Iceland, where the weather is quite unpredictable and can change rapidly. It is advisable to dress according to the weather, and wearing wind and rainproof clothes is a good idea. We recommend waterproof hiking boots or trail running shoes with a fully enclosed toe and heel and a sturdy sole. If you have any more questions, we would be happy to answer them via email.

My child is almost 8 years old, can it attend?

If your child has reached the limit of our weight restrictions, 30 kg., he/she are welcome to attend. 

I have a knee problem, can I attend?

We will have to hike uphill and downhill on uneven surface to reach our ziplines. If you can do that kind of walk you won’t have any problems to attend.

Do I need a hat?

You will be provided with a helmet, it’s quite wise to have a beanie in winter or buff in the summer as a layer between your head and the helmet. It’s not necessary though.

Do I need gloves?

You never have to touch our ziplines, in fact you are advised against it, so gloves are not necessary but for warmth and comfort in winter or on a rainy day they are of course welcome.

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